I’m thrilled to help share the exciting news of an upcoming online event hosted by our friend at Films From Beyond the Time Barrier (filmsfrombeyond.com) that should be of interest to fans of B-grade cinema, both bloggers and readers alike!! It’s their first-ever blogathon, “Favorite Stars in B Movies!”, taking place this March 31st-April 2nd!!

The “Favorite Stars in B Movies” blogathon will feature contributions from various bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and other websites. Each participant will be focusing on an individual B movie, or “low-budget, non-arthouse” film, featuring actors and actresses whose days of fame and fortune were either long since past or had yet to arrive. As anyone familiar with B-grade can tell you, there are countless possibilities to discuss here, and a few examples are given later in this article.

As of this posting, Films From Beyond the Time Barrier are still looking for contributors to join in on the blogathon. So, if you are a blogger/podcaster/etc. and would like to be a part of this fantastic event, just read the following guidelines and contact Films From Beyond to claim your spot!

BLOGATHON GUIDELINES: (as taken from FilmsFromBeyond.com, so don’t contact me)

  1. Submissions can be about individual low-budget or B movies featuring former or future stars, or about an actor’s/actress’ career arc from Bs to stardom (or vice versa). Heck, if you want to talk about an actor who never really made it out of B’s, but had an interesting career in smaller films, you know what — I’ll accept it!
  2. For the sake of variety, let’s avoid duplicate posts of individual films. So, if someone’s already called dibs on Ray Milland in The Thing with Two Heads, you could still cover X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes or Frogs or Panic in the Year Zero! However, if you’re doing a career arc, you can certainly mention a film in context even if someone else is doing it as their main focus. Another caveat: let’s also try to avoid duplicate posts on a particular actor’s/actress’ career.
  3. For me, the heyday of the B movie, exploitation picture and/or drive-in flick was roughly from the 1930s through the 1980s (which coincidentally, is the timeframe most favored on this blog). That’s a good focus for this blogathon, but then again, I’m open-minded — if a different era appeals to you and fits more or less into the theme, go for it!
  4. Also, to keep things simple, let’s focus on commercial theatrical movies, and save TV movies and episodes for another day.
  5. To save your place in the blogathon, send me your name, blog/vlog/podcast name, and actor/actress and film (or just actor name in the case of a career arc post) via the contact methods listed above. (Also include your Twitter handle, if you have one, for promotional purposes.)
  6. This announcement page will be updated regularly with participants. I will publish a separate page with all the contributions and links and keep it updated through the blogathon’s three-day run, March 31- April 2. Send me the link(s) to your finished contribution(s) on or around the dates. Please, new, original posts only.

HOW TO ENTER: Send your proposed blog post (or podcast/vlog) to brschuck66@yahoo.com, or via Twitter @brschuck66.

As of this posting, the scheduled participants include:

Myself – FilmsFromBeyond.comCinematic CatharsisRealweegiemidget ReviewsMake Mine Film NoirThe Stop ButtonA Shroud of ThoughtsWhimsically ClassicThe Last Drive InBy Rich WatsonPoppity Talks Classic FilmKrell LaboratoriesTaking Up RoomGrand Old MoviesSilver Screeningstales from the freakboy zoneMike’s Movie RoomIn The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood

Of course, I’ll be sharing many contributors’ links on the Horror And Sons Facebook and Instagram accounts, but you can keep up with the entire event by following FilmsFromBeyond.com, so go do so now!!