Last Night is a new comedic short film from writer and director George James Fraser about a bride-to-be whose two best friends decide to throw a small bachelorette party for her. Really, it’s just the three of them getting trashed in a living room, but as I often say in these reviews, it’s the thought that counts. Right around the time that the betrothed has become sloppy enough to make regrettable decisions, a trio of male strippers arrive to provide some premarital (or marital, I’m not here to judge) entertainment. As this is still a review site for horror films, you can rest assured that this is also the point that Last Night quickly escalates into a blood-drenched horror film.

Now, comedy, much like horror or damned near anything else, is subjective. So, it’s impossible for me to gauge if you’d find Last Night‘s humor to your taste. As I always try to be honest with my readers, I can say that while I did not dislike the film in any way, I admittedly didn’t laugh out loud many times. Then again, I’m a stone-cold bastard, so I tend not to laugh at many things even if I find that shit funny as fuck. That said, I did quite enjoy the film’s final gag, and while I can say that I’ve never seen a “Live, Laugh, Dicks” sign before, I would not be the slightest bit surprised to learn that there are many more out there in the world.


Last Night clearly sports a lower budget, but never looks “cheaply made”, even sporting some respectable practical make-up effects late in the film. The lowered budget works just fine for the film as the plot doesn’t call for a large cast, high-end visual effects, or extravagant set pieces. In fact, the entire film is set within 2 or 3 rooms, and as I’ve confessed more than once before, I appreciate more than a few films set in limited locations.

Overall, Last Night is a fairly entertaining little film that, while not seeking to break any new ground, does a solid job of not being a horror film until it suddenly is one, much like the surprise genre change found in From Dusk Till Dawn. Again, some of the film’s comedy aspects are sure not to be to some viewers’ preferences, while the horror aspects will surely not be to the preference of others. However, as Last Night is only just over 7 minutes long, neither side overstays their welcome.

As of this writing, Last Night is currently unavailable to watch online, with writer/director Fraser gracing me with an opportunity to watch the film before its official release. Last Night will be making its premiere at the Strange Maynard Independent Film Festival in Maynard, MA on May 6th, 2023. For more information on the festival:

As I’m sure that many of you may not be in the Maynard area on that date, I’ll just have to do my best to keep you updated as to other opportunities to watch the film as they become available.