Mat Herndon of Mat Digs Horror and Cakes and Candles Productions is one of the first friends that I made after starting Horror And Sons back in 2014, and he has remained one of the most loyal, trustworthy, and genuinely caring and supportive people that I could have ever had the honor of becoming acquainted with. So, as such, it is once again an honor and privilege to once again welcome him back to the Halloween Horrors series for a 5th year! 

For this year’s event, Mat will be playing the role of “horror host”, leading readers on a trip to Hell with his look at 1995’s Tales From The Hood. Mat takes us through each of the film’s segments, exposing the horrific elements waiting within each tale. It’s a fun approach to the review, and one that I highly enjoyed reading! I hope you feel the same!

Please, allow me to wish you a sincere Happy Halloween, and WELCOME YOU TO HELL! Keep all limbs (attached or otherwise) inside the ride as we travel back to the sin-filled year of 1995. There will be several stops along the way. Each stop contains violence and a lesson in morality. As we begin our journey, we have three young men looking to score THE SHIT (drugs). In order to achieve their goal, they themselves must listen to the very stories you all are about to experience. Hopefully they will learn a lesson or two, and if you’re lucky maybe you will learn one too. Enjoy, or don’t…this is Hell, after all.

On our first stop, we have a group of corrupt police officers who have not figured out yet that judging a person for their skin color is wrong…. but they will learn their lesson in dramatic fashion. These cops chose to beat and murder a man named Martin Moorehouse, who is running for office, based solely on his color of skin. Adding further insult to this, they attempted to tarnish his name and reputation by making it appear he was on illegal drugs at the time of his death. How is a person to rest in peace under these conditions? Martin did not. Upon his return from the grave, Martin goes on a rampage against the cops who did him such an injustice. With the fury and power of an angry god, Martin ends the cops’ lives by way of burial, explosion, and impalement with hypodermic needles, one of which is turned into a painting showcasing the inner evil of man.

Our second stop has us viewing a different kind of monster. A young man named Walter is beaten and abused at both home and school. He and his mother are in a continued state of powerlessness. Then, one day the young boy finds his strength and power in confronting these demons. Upon drawing the subjects of his torture and destroying the portrait, Walter vanquishes these monsters. With the bones of his attackers crushed and crumpled, Walter will never have to know the feeling of fear and powerlessness ever again.

On our next stop, we encounter a racist man running for office who has no respect for history. We watch as he pokes fun at racist crimes committed decades prior. He is proud of his close-minded view of the world, but the past soon comes alive in the form of small puppets. They are tired of his prejudices and make sure his flesh is torn apart tiny mouthful by tiny mouthful.

On our final stop, we encounter Crazy K, who is happy to kill anyone who stands in his way, instead of trying to embrace his neighbors. He happily fires his gun anywhere he damn well pleases, even if a harmless child is hit with a stray bullet. “Bullet ain’t got no name on it” is his motto. Yet, that lifestyle has legal and fatal consequences. Crazy K is convinced to participate in an experimental program to recondition his trigger-happy ways. However, some men cannot be saved no matter how hard we try. It turns out Crazy K was done in by the very weapon he loved so dearly.

Now, we will meet back up with our three young gentlemen looking for “the shit.” They’ll be knee deep in the shit soon enough. They’ve been dead the entire time by way of a shootout and do not wish to accept their fates. These young men learned the hard way that street violence never leads anywhere positive.

If you’ve gotten this far, congratulations because this ain’t no funeral home. It ain’t the terror dome neither. As we said in the beginning, WELCOME TO HELL!