Our 2nd-to-last repost from last year’s Halloween Movie Madness series comes to us courtesy of Paul Ashford. Paul runs the Little Rubber Monsters Facebook page, featuring such munchkin menaces as the Gremlins, Hobgoblins, Critters, and others of their ilk. Paul is also a very good friend of mine in real-life, from even before either of us decided to spend our days talking about horror films on the internet with random strangers.

For his 2015 piece, Paul focused on his adoration for Return of the Living Dead Part 2. While this is a short piece, it gives a look at why some of us loves the films that we do. For most of us, this stems from memories that we now associate with those films. That indeed seems to be the case here.

Paul will be joining us again this year for 2016’s Halloween Horrors series!!! Till then…..


One film that always gets me in the Halloween spirit is Return of the Living Dead Part 2

It was a Saturday in the early to mid-90s and I was off into town with my mum to buy a video, a weekly occurrence back then as I had a Saturday job that earnt me £5 a week, and that £5 would always end up on a horror video of some kind later in the afternoon. Today’s choice was RotLD 2. It was the first time I’d seen it on the shelves for sale and I persuaded my mum it would be safe for me to watch.


I saved the film for Halloween which was a few nights later and away I went. I had not seen the first one at this point, mostly because the cover and screenshot on the back featured a half-naked Linnea Quigley, which was a no-no for an underage me, at least according to my mum anyways. I put the film on and within minutes I was enthralled.The film really struck a chord with me. Great effects, humour and cool looking zombies, along with the main hero in the film being just like me… a comic book reading kid with blonde hair. For me it was perfect viewing and it was made that more special by being Halloween night. I felt that I could relate to the kid and his friends battling the zombies  and this film has always held up for me on repeat viewings.


Throughout the years I have remained a huge fan of it, and I could probably even admit to preferring it to the original. I was even lucky enough to meet Michael Kenworthy, the star of the film, back in 2011 which was a really cool experience and something which I would never of imagined all those years back on Halloween. We had a good long chat about his experiences on the film, and also the remake of The Blob. So all in all this is why RotLD2 ranks as one of my favourite Halloween films, and Halloween experience’s that I’ve had so far.