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In May of 2015, I was privileged enough to have been given the opportunity to review the first issue of the new comic Blood & Gourd.

As I’ve mentioned before, I had spent most of my childhood as an avid comic collector, voraciously scouring the latest issues on the rack at the small gas station near my house. A few years later, the meager amount that I made from a week’s worth of bagging groceries would be blown at my local comic shop, sadly one of the more happening places for a teen to be on weekends in the dreary little shithole that I called my hometown during the early 1990’s. So, being given the chance to voice my opinions on a subject that was one of my first “loves” was an opportunity I could not pass up.

For those of you that may not remember our review for the 1st issue, here you go.

In case you didn’t click the link above, I’ll save you some time. I loved it!


Issue #2 starts with a brief look at the genesis of the “pumpkin uprising”. The story begins when a poor farmer makes a ritualistic offering to anyone, or anyTHING, that will save his wife and himself from starvation. The couple plants a gourd with strange rune-like carvings into the soil of their dying farm, along with some baby clothes and toys.

They finish the ritual and return to their house. There they find a strange, old, one-eyed man waiting for them. The farmer finalizes the deal with the stranger. In return, he is granted a much desired feast, which he voraciously plows into while his wife is left to suffer the dire repercussions of the “arrangement”.



The focus then shifts back to current day, right where the 1st issue ended with the panicked escape from Henderson’s Farm. The pumpkins are continuing their attack, claiming more and more victims with each consecutive panel. More lives are lost in the commotion, including one particularly unlucky bastard standing in the parking lot at the wrong time. From here, the action does not let up, featuring even more airborne pumpkin death, racing cars full of frightened families, harvested organs, and some of the darkest fucking humor I’ve come across in quite some time.

As with the first issue, the story ends without a pause in the carnage. Once again, credit goes to the writing team of Jenz Lund and DH Shultis for not only keeping things moving at a frenetic pace, but for also taking some twisted turns with the fates of their characters. As stated previously, there is some incredibly morbid humor to be found, which should be expected given the high camp concept, but the gruesome spectacle of human remains left in these pumpkins’ wake is anything but tongue-in-cheek.


Interior art is now capably handled by Juan Antonio Ramirez, who provided the 1st issue’s striking cover image. While there aren’t as many of the larger “focus point” single panels as there were in the 1st issue (at least, it doesn’t seem like there are), Ramirez is given the opportunity to focus his talent on action sequences, which sometimes get muddled  by other artists. Ramirez does an admirable job, especially since the shift to a different artist doesn’t differ drastically from the aesthetics set forth in the debut issue. Color artist Fran Gamboa keeps the panels bright and popping, adding the mandatory feel of “autumn” to the proceedings. Ramirez provides the cover image, while guest artist Todd Shearer contributes a striking back cover image that should not be missed.

Blood & Gourd #2 delivers yet another fun blood-soaked romp, providing action and laughs, as well as building upon a theme that should hook fans of horror and Halloween alike.