A woman sits in her car in the enclosed parking garage at her company’s office building, pondering why the security cameras have been broken for such an extended period of time. She cites the negligence of the situation, upset by the unsafe conditions that it creates. The place is already poorly lit and (seemingly) frequently devoid of other employees when she departs for her evening. However, in her growing fantasy of all the possible hazards created by the broken camera, even her fellow co-workers may present a threat.

This is the opening scenario, and general plotline, for Why Haven’t They Fixed the Cameras Yet?, a 2020 short film written and directed by Travis White. Produced by Wet Demin Productions, the film played the festival circuit earlier this year, and presumably would have been featured at even more throughout the year had all this COVID bullshit not happened.

At only 4 minutes and change, the film spends all of its brief time focused on the inner monologue of its nameless lead (Lee Eddy), as well as the dark and dangerous places that she allows her thoughts to wander. Based on a short story from blogger Miss Directed Souls, it’s evident that these potential threats foretell another hidden danger.

Why Haven’t They Fixed the Cameras Yet? is now available to watch on Youtube, saving you from the risk of having to interact with other humans (COVID or not). In fact, I’ve even included the film at the end of this preview. While I enjoyed the film, as well as its dark look at the stresses of the corporate world (potential spoiler?), I welcome your own opinions on the film! Please share your thoughts in our comments section!