It’s officially October Eve, and Horror And Sons’ Halloween Horrors series is back for it’s 5th year! While I can not say that this will be series’ biggest year, there’s nothing stopping us from making it the best year yet!

What originally started with only a handful of people gathering to talk about the movies that reminded them of the Halloween season has since festered into (once again) a collection of over two dozen ghoulies and goblins ready to share their thoughts on a vast array of ghastly and grim horror films. 

Our theme this year was “Random Acts of Horror”. As such, each contributor was assigned a random letter of the alphabet, with each choosing a film beginning with that letter. We did not attempt to cover all of the letters, so don’t be surprised to see a few repeated. That said, as with previous years, no 2 contributors will be covering the same film.

Each entry will be hitting our website at 10am EST on their assigned posting date. Links to each entry will be posted on the Horror And Sons Facebook page twice (once in the morning and another in the late evening) on each day, as well as once each day on our Instagram account. That said, we strongly encourage each contributor to share their own entries on their own social media accounts. Even more so, we encourage contributors to share entries from other contributors!

And that’s everything, kiddies! Let’s all have a fun Halloween season! I thank all of you, readers and contributors alike, for your time and effort in supporting our site and this series! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Halloween Horrors 2019 Posting Schedule

October 1st – Mandi Fallon (Horror And Sons) – Frogs (1972)

October 2nd – Melody Vena – Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

October 3rd – Chris Whissen – The Evil Dead (1981)

October 4th –  Derrick Kinnison – Subspecies (1991)

October 5th – Brian Kongsvik – Apt Pupil (1998)

October 6th – NO POST

October 7th – Anthony Pantazis – Nightbreed (1990)

October 8th – Elliott Ellliott – Just Before Dawn (1981)

October 9th – Paul Ashford (Little Rubber Monsters) – Revenge of Billy the Kid

October 10th – Bill Van Ryn (Groovy Doom) – Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (1973)

October 11th – AJ Rusulis – Near Dark (1988)

October 12th – NO POST

October 13th – Trisha Maestas – Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982)

October 14th – Roger Braden (Valley Nightmares) – Innocent Blood (1992)

October 15th – Sam Panico ( – Xtro II (1990)

October 16th – Jennifer Upton (Womanycom) – Candyman (1992)

October 17th – Robert Freese (Videoscope Magazine) – Plankton (1994)

October 18th – Dr. Jose  (Camera Viscera) – House (1986)

October 19th – Danielle Zepeda – Scream (1996)

October 20th – Rob Von Matterhorn (The Saturday Morning Vault) – Dressed to Kill (1980)

October 21st – Ben Williams – The Bat (1959)

October 22nd – Harriett Branch – A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

October 23rd – Angel Young (Wandering NerdGirl) – Let Me In (2010)

October 24th – NO POST

October 25th – Mathew Herndon (MatDigsHorror) – Tales From The Hood (1995)

October 26th – Brendan Bean – Ghost Story (1981)

October 27th – Michelle Kinnison – The Wicker Man (1973)

October 28th – Andrew Guthlein (Talking Terror) – The Gate (1987)

October 29th – Heiko Ramsey – Halloween (1978)

October 30th – Dustin J Fallon (Horror And Sons) – The Midnight Hour (1985)

October 31st – NO POST – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!