Yes, this year’s Halloween Horrors series is “officially” over.  However, sometime during the last few days of the submission period, a “surprise” contributor came forth. My 7-year old son, Bishop.

My wife had informed me that he was to write a “Halloween” story about a pumpkin as a homework assignment. He’s in 2nd grade, so cut him some slack on the length. I know, this comes nowhere near the 600 words that I requested from everyone else (not even with all of this filibuster that I’m adding in), but quite frankly, I like him more than the rest of you. So, therefore, he gets a pass.


Pumpy the Little Pumpkin

The little pumpkin named Pumpy was a little pumpkin that was happy…. but he was lonely in the summer. Then he got chosen by a nice family to decorate on Halloween. He was happy and lit up for all the world to see. He wasn’t lonely anymore.

Happy Halloween!