In Where Is It?, the new short film from the writing and directing team of Zak White and Todd Spence (Your Date Is Here), a woman (Whitney Gries) returns home from a trip and, via Facetime (possibly Skype), checks in with the friend (Travina Springer) that watched her place while she was out.  After some friendly banter, the woman is informed that an antique mirror fell from a wall and shattered while she was gone. The friend assures the woman not to worry, as the glass has been picked up and dumped into the trash can outside.

The resident doesn’t seem to mind, and carries on the conversation just as if nothing has happened. However, things very much are happening.

Thanks to the dual camera approach provided by the characters’ Facetime “chat”, the suspense is built through the audience’s ability to see what our protagonist can not, and vice versa. The film undeniably uses some jump scare tactics, but is short enough to effectively provide a quick fright without wearing out its welcome

White and Spence have taken the approach of skipping the festival circuit completely and have made the film available for instant watch via Youtube. To save you from having to leave our wonderful website (ahem), I have included the link to the full film below. Give it a watch and let us know what YOU think! At just under 4 minutes long, I assure you, you can find the time.