I know, I know. It’s only mid-August! That said, it’s already time to think ahead to this October and to Horror And Sons’ 4th Annual Halloween Horrors Reader Submission Series! Seriously, I really need to find a shorter name for this series. Maybe I’ll make that an upcoming contest.


The Halloween Horrors series is easily the biggest event of the year in Horror And Sons’ tiny (but steadily growing) corner of the horror universe, and has become highly anticipated by a long (and also steadily growing) list of folks who have quickly become regular contributors to this annual anthology of fandom. Hopefully, this series is also eagerly awaited by a large number of our readers as well. As October always tends to be the website’s most read month of the year, it is probably a safe assumption that they do.

The ultimate goal of the Halloween Horrors series is to provide horror fans (and other writers and reviewers) with an opportunity to share their opinions on (and personal stories involving) any horror film of their choosing. Usually, these films are ones that hold special meaning to that writer. Sometimes, it’s their personal favorite. Possibly one that scared them as a child? Occasionally, there is no particular reason that the film is chosen. Whatever your reason, think of it as providing the readers with a different film suggestion for every day of October!

As there are 31 days in October, we hope to post 31 different articles, essays, and/or reviews every day of the month; each from a different writer and on a different topic! So far, that has yet to happen, but maybe this year will be the one to change things. (A record 25 contributors joined in for 2017’s series!)

The rules have always been fairly simple. Those interested in participating could “claim” ANY horror film that they wanted as their topic, with the exception of John Carpenter’s Halloween. (It always seemed too obvious a choice.) If you wanted to contribute, you would contact us here at Horror And Sons with the name of the film that you wished to write about. Once a movie (or in last year’s case, character) was “claimed”, no other contributor would be allowed to submit a piece on that film! No repeat performances here, folks!

Well, ghoulies…. those rules are basically still the same. You can still write about any horror film that you want! Yes, even Halloween! (Quite a few sci-fi films are acceptable topic choices as well. Just ask if you aren’t sure!) Made for TV movies and animated Halloween films (Mad Monster Party, Nightmare Before Christmas) are also acceptable, but TV shows, comics, literature, video games, etc. are not.

There has been a mind-numbingly large number of horror films released over the last 100 years. More than you can possibly count! As with previous years, we are looking to explore and celebrate this long diverse history of horror cinema. Just like previous years, no 2 contributors will be writing articles on the same topic. And to help enforce that fact, I now present the theme for Horror And Sons’ 2018 Halloween Horrors Series…….



For this year’s Halloween Horrors series, you will NOT be claiming just a movie! You will be claiming the entire YEAR in which it was released!! Contributors can still “claim” any horror or sci-fi film (as long as it is deemed fitting) that they wish to write about. Want to write about 2 films from 1963? Go for it! BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE CAN!!! That’s right, ghoulies! Once a film has been claimed, the remaining potential contributors MUST PICK A FILM FROM ANOTHER YEAR!!!!

For example, if someone claims John Carpenter’s Halloween (released on Oct 25, 1978), not only is no other contributor allowed to submit a piece about that film, but other 1978 films such as Jaws 2, The Toolbox Murders, Martin, and Norman J. Warren’s Terror also become “unavailable” topics.

Claims MUST be made by emailing us at Horrorandsons@yahoo.com. Claims will be made on a “1st come, 1st served” basis.  They will be accepted in the order that the emails are received. Only one film or year may be claimed per email. If the year/film that you want has already been claimed by another contributor, I will respond to your email with a list of all the years that have been claimed up until that point and you will be allowed to try again. That said, any years/films claimed in the time it takes for you to respond with a new topic will be accepted first. If your film/year has not been previously claimed, I will respond to let you know that it is “yours” and you can begin work on your article as soon as you’d like.

Unlike previous years, you will NOT be required to tie your topic back into the overall theme of the Halloween season, but it would be great if you did.

As with the previous years, my wife and I will be contributing our own articles to the event. She will be covering 1968’s The Devil Rides Out (aka The Devil’s Bride), while I have claimed the 1958 sci-fi monster movie classic, The Blob. This also means that both 1958 and 1968 are now UNAVAILABLE topics. Yup. Just basically screwed anyone that was considering Night of the Living Dead, Rosemary’s Baby, or Hammer’s (Horror of ) Dracula.

And that’s it, ghoulies! Just read the following rules and get those claims ready! But be warned! There are quite a few other interested parties ready to steal your year if you aren’t quick enough!


  • Claims will be accepted starting at 5pm EST on August 18th. That’s today! Claim your year/movie by emailing us at horrorandsons@yahoo.com. Claims will be accepted on a “first come, first served” basis.
  • All submissions MUST be at least 600 words long. No exceptions! Contributors may now write about 2 films from the same year in their article/essay. However, in choosing to do so, their piece MUST now be at least 800 words long.
  • Please try to provide the images that you would like used for your piece. Otherwise, I will find my own and they may not exactly “fit” the piece.
  • Contributors from other Facebook pages, websites, podcasts, etc., are welcome to join in. However, I must limit this to no more than 2 contributors from any one outlet.
  • I will once again be writing an intro for each of the submitted pieces. As I may not know you, please include any information that you may want mentioned about yourself. This especially applies towards those who wish to promote their own outlet (website, FB page, podcast, etc). Otherwise, I will just make shit up.
  • PLEASE do not claim a spot in this year’s series and not submit a piece. Please leave that opportunity for others that may be interested. If you do want to back out after claiming, please let us know so we can open the spot for another contributor.
  • As I despise spending an entire month promoting people only to have them not submit their piece, any person who claimed a spot in previous Halloween Horrors series, but didn’t actually send in their piece is BANNED from this year’s event. You wasted my time once. Not this time.
  • Returning contributors MAY choose a topic that they have previously covered, but only if it is not the same topic that you chose for 2017’s series.
  • All contributors are STRONGLY encouraged to share the works of other contributors. This is a “community-building” event.
  • All entries MUST be received by 11:59pm EST on Thursday, Sept 27th. Any entries received after that date will not be used in the series.
  • HorrorAndSons.com reserves the right to reject any claim or to deny participation at any time.
  • Please email us with any questions! Horrorandsons@yahoo.com


THAT’S IT!!!!! Go think of what film(s) you would like to write about and send in those claims. At 5pm. Not now.