Howdy, folks!

If you’ve been following our Facebook page for the past month or so, you should know by now that a new batch of Horror And Sons T-shirts were soon going to be available for purchase! Well, ghoulies….. THAT TIME IS NOW!!!

Actually, “that time” was about a week ago, but it seems that the lovely “powers that be” over at Facebook aren’t being over receptive to the idea of spreading my posts about the shirts being available. And that is with me even agreeing to the “pay-to-play” mentality and actually coughing up some cash to “boost” the posts so that more of you will see them. Granted, I only coughed up $1.75 on the “boost” because I’m a cheap bastard…. and I did stop the post with about a dollar left to burn. The point is that I did it!!!


As with last year, the shirts are being made available through a fundraiser campaign. What this means is that a pre-determined number of shirts will need to sell in order for ANY to print. This year’s campaign is being handled by Custom Ink, who have been wonderful to work with and have even fixed problems with the design(s) before I had addressed them. One of the bonuses to their handling this project is that the sales goal for this campaign is 16 shirts, half of last year’s goal of 32 shirts. As of the time of this writing, 15 shirts have sold.

The campaign is slated to run until July 28th. However, there is a chance that I may be able to extend the campaign until the 30th if needed. So, while you may have missed out on ordering a shirt when they first became available, you still have time to place an order. That said, this is a LIMITED EDITION printing. Once the campaign is over, I will NEVER print this design again.

Please keep in mind that this is a PRE-ORDER. You will only be charged if the printing goal is met, which at this time looks fairly likely. The shirts will not ship until about 2 weeks after the campaign ends. That would put the shipping date as mid-August. Once shipped, shirts are expected to arrive within two weeks. International orders may take a little longer.

The shirts are Gildan Ultra Cotton Unisex. I do apologize to those looking for a different choice of “cut”, but as there just was not a high enough demand, I  have removed the option in order to keep the printing goal lowered.

The shirts are available in kids and adult sizes. Kids sizes range from Youth XS – Youth XL. Adult sizes range from S – 4XL. HOWEVER, there is an extra charge for larger sizes. These charges are: +$2.50 for 2XL, +$3.50 for 3 XL, and +$4.50 for 4XL. I apologize for this and fully understand if it dissuades any potential buyers, but this was an area in which I had no control.

The shirts all feature the same front design, and the site’s web address on the back, but are available in 3 color options:














The traditional colors of Halloween… which is why they are the colors that we’ve always used to represent Horror And Sons. And as you’ll be receiving your shirts just a mere month before October, what better time to wear them!

And speaking of October, join Horror And Sons for a month full of…. Ehh, we’ll save that for later.















While never originally planned for wide release, the Toxic Slime variant quickly became one of the most popular options shown on the Facebook page. What kind of person would I be if I told the readers “no”?

I’d be a dick. That’s what kind of person.














The option for those that believe that not every damned horror t-shirt has to be black!! This is my personal favorite of the color choices, but this isn’t about me. It’s not like people are visiting this website to read MY opinions. Oh….. wait.

Be warned, this is a very bright shirt! Like, you can see this bitch from space!



SHIRTS ARE $17 + S/H. Shipping is $5 for the 1st shirt, $2 for each additional shirt. However, shipping caps out at $9.99. So, if you buy a dozen (and you should), they will all ship for $9.99!!

International shipping is available at much higher rates. Once again, I do apologize, but that was also an area in which I had no say. Please check the campaign for international shipping rates and details.



Honestly, I can’t really give you a good reason. I just can’t.

The only reason these shirts, or last year’s shirts, even exist is simply because I’m a narcissistic shit and I wanted a shirt with my site’s name on it. As I’m also vain enough to think that someone else would want one, I’m making them available. Yes, the shirts do serve as “promotion” for the website as people will see you wearing them.

I’m still humbled and dumbfounded by the concept that anyone would want to read these silly little opinions of mine, and I truly couldn’t be more thankful for that. I do feel blessed by the number of friends that have supported this little “pet project” of mine, as well as by the number of friends that I get to meet every day through Horror And Sons.

I do sometimes think of Horror And Sons as a “clubhouse”. A place to hang out and escape from the “real world” for a short time and share our love for all things horror. So, think of the shirts as a “membership card” for that clubhouse. Congrats! You’re one of the cool kids!

Ok, so most of that was bullshit. I just really wanted a shirt. And I hope that some of you do as well. Thanks!