Hey there, boils and ghouls! Here is the posting schedule for October’s Halloween Horrors 2017 Reader Submission Series!

Thanks to another year of overwhelming support, we are poised to feature 28 fabulous pieces, each from a different writer, all dying to tell you about some of their favorite characters from the horror genre (and a couple “not-so-horror”). There are 3 days during the month on which no new entry will be posted. In the event that a scheduled contributor is unable to meet the submission deadline of midnight EST on Sept 30th, there will be no post made their scheduled day. I will post links to previously posted entries on these “days off”.

I want to say “thank you” to all of this year’s contributors. Thank you to each of you for playing a part in helping this event continue to be a success. Each of you represent just another aspect of what makes this genre so fascinating and compelling to so many of us.  And “thank you” to those of you that will be reading these entries. There’s really no point in doing this without you.

Well, enough of me…. Here this year’s schedule!


October 1st – Andrew Guthlein of Talking TerrorLeatherface

October 2nd – JH Rood of Ghoul Inc and JH Rood ProductionDeke Slade (Blades)

October 3rd – Cody MaschoAlice Johnson (A Nightmare on Elm St 4 & 5)

October 4th – Bill Van Ryn of Groovy DoomJessica (Let’s Scare Jessica to Death)

October 5th – Mat Herndon of Mat Digs HorrorHerman Munster

October 6th – Paul Ashford of Little Rubber MonstersFish Ghoulie (Ghoulies series)

October 7th – Rob LozakGabriel (The Prophecy)

October 8th – Roger BradenOtis Firefly

October 9th – Jason FabeckDr. Christian Storm (Horror Hospital)

October 10th – Brian KongsvikTangina Barrows (Poltergeist)

October 11th – Joanna Skrabala of Bloody PopcornJenny (Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation)

October 12th – No Post

October 13th – Dread Central contributor Travis MullinsTina Williams (Halloween 5)

October 14th – Harriett BranchTwisty the Clown (American Horror Story)

October 15th – Dementia – The ConmotherMay Dove Canady (2002’s May)

October 16th – Sam Panico of BandSAboutMovies.comSammi Curr (Trick or Treat ’86)

October 17 – Brett Wainer of What Lies UndergroundThe Toxic Avenger

October 18th – No Post

October 19th – No Post

October 20th – Rebecca GilesNorman Bates

October 21st – Dr. Jose of Camera VisceraAlfredo Sawyer (Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3)

October 22nd – Anthony PantazisPinhead

October 23rd – Mandi Fallon of Horror And SonsIchabod Crane (The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad)

October 24th – Johnny Skrabala of Bloody PopcornFranken-Castle

October 25th – Kaitlynn KoppPennywise

October 26th – No Post

October 27th – Alister DavisonCol. Tom Carlsen (Lifeforce)

October 28th – Derrick KinnisonFrankenstein’s Monster

October 29th – No Post

October 30th – Dustin J Fallon of Horror And SonsThe Hash-Slinging Slasher (Spongebob Squarepants)

October 31st – HalloweenNo Post